4 Reasons Your Teen Could Benefit From a Life Coach


1. It gives them someone to talk to.

Teens are going through so many changes. They are finding their unique identities, trying to fit in, all while the hormones are going crazy and they are dealing with the balance of parents and friends. Even the best of the best teens need an outlet other than friends to talk to.

The Fix

A Life Coach can help you to be preventative with your teen. Don’t wait until your teen starts acting out, becomes rebellious, or depressed before sending them to a professional. Instead, recognize that this is a tough time in a child’s life just because of the many changing dynamics physically, emotionally and socially, and encourage them to talk. The great thing about a Life Coach is that there doesn’t have to be something “wrong” before you send your teen to one. A Life Coach can be an outlet for the teen to talk about goals, friends and even run ideas by someone professional, yet unbiased. However, if an area of concern does come up, it will be caught quickly, talked through and worked on before it gets too overwhelming or out of control.

2. Teaches Teens to Set Goals.

Giving teens direction, goals and visualizations about their future can empower them during a time in life where they can easily lose focus and get distracted. During this time in life, adolescents can be very self-centered and place a major focus on friends. While teens should focus on growing their identities and maintaining a social life, they also need to be able to understand the importance of their future selves.

The Fix

A Life Coach will heighten the teens awareness about their future. They will take time each week to discuss goals, plans for work/college and dreams. Smaller goals will be set in the here and now to set the adolescent on a path toward success regarding their larger goals. The teen will also be taught how to set SMART goals. These are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. Often, teens set very basic goals that are not specific and measureable and thus are less likely to be achieved, have a plan and be visualized. A Life Coach will make sure that your teen has specific goals with a plan.

3. Teaches Teens Accountability.

Teens must understand the importance of responsibility in the real world. Accountability also teaches integrity, or doing what you say you will do. Being responsible, accountable to your actions and having integrity can open an adolescents mind, doors to more opportunity and overall success.

The Fix

A Life Coach is all about holding people accountable. A Life Coach sets goals with your teen during each session. The next time the teen meets with their Coach, they do a complete run down of the goals set the session before. Together, they discuss why certain goals were and were not met. There needs to be an explanation for why goals were not met. Excuses are acknowledged but not supported. Instead, the Life Coach will make the adolescent analyze what they could have done differently to reach the goal. This process builds up basic skills like comprehension and application as well as more advanced skills like analysis, synthesis and evaluation. This analysis can help highlight procrastination issues, confidence problems, barriers with willpower, toxic relationships and other issues that will be challenged and or hurdled.

4. Instills Confidence.

It is no secret that in any decade of life, confidence is an asset that can increase opportunity, ability and desire to take leaps and achieve success. During the adolescent years, confidence is being built and is at a very fragile stage. A teen who is constantly taking a beating emotionally in this stage in their lives, may have poor self-confidence that runs far into adulthood.

The Fix

A Life Coach works with teens to highlight their strengths and encourages and challenges them to play off these strengths in order to achieve goals. The more a teen can see their strengths, the more confidence they will have in their abilities. This confidence often impacts the colleges they apply to, the friends they choose and the relationships they have with their parents. Teens are also taught how to build confidence without it being at the expense of others, which reduces bullying. A Life Coach educates teens on how to be confident in saying no to people and activities that are not in line with their bigger vision and goals. Adolescents learn valuable tools for building confidence, like time management, increasing willpower, how to have an open and positive mindset, having a healthy self-image.


Source by Jaime Kulaga

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