Considerations You Have to Make When Deciding to Be a Teen Model


Teenage modeling is exciting because you are the prime of your life where your looks are young, vibrant and full of life. If you are hard working, very soon will be getting plenty of job offers and becoming successful.

Do your research

To get an edge above your counterparts you need to know the industry slightly better and familiarize yourself with the required standards of a model. There are many different categories that you can potentially model for. A few examples are runway, catalog, editorial, television commercials, plus-size, body parts, as well as petite. With your height, weight, body size and interest, you should determine what type of modeling you fit in the best and find agencies that serve your interests.

Your research should also be on the various talent agencies that are available for your style. Most importantly ensure the agency is legitimate and has a good reputation of developing professional models. Do not fall into the traps of fakes and scams.

It is not for everyone

Talent agencies have strict criteria and standards, so you will have to prepare to face rejection or tough remarks. If you get rejected, continue trying for many agencies, but if you don't get selected do not get discouraged because there are many ways you can be involved in the fashion and modeling industry without being a model.

If you do manage to get selected by an agency, congratulations, but even after that, you will still need to appeal to clients, either through your bookers who sell your look or during your casting call and auditions where clients assess your look. We are not going to lie, modeling is a competitive business and you need to have the right look to go a long way. Modeling for teens is especially competitive because of the high number of young and attractive teenagers who sign up for it. A word of caution for teenagers: It is safer to enter modeling after your puberty, because of uncertain body changes that might affect your chances during that period.

Talk to your parent or guardian if you are below eighteen years old

Modeling is fun and can be a fulfilling experience but it is serious work that demands your energy and attention. This is a crucial life decision, so you must only do so with your parent's consent if you are below eighteen years old. An agency will also advise you to get your parent's consent if you are below sixteen or eighteen years old.

Speak to your parents about why you are passionate about modeling and how you believe it can help you be more confident and successful. Your focus should be on school and studies, so you have to convince them that modeling won't affect your studies by showing good grades and results. It can be easily taken up if you can manage your time well. But if you are already with struggling with your time or are weak in your studies, then leave modeling to a later time in your life when you have more time to spare.


As a teen you might think it is okay to eat unhealthy food, not get ample sleep, party the night before a model assignment and it acceptable to be nonchalant. As mentioned earlier, this niche is competitive and there will be a few sacrifices you have to make compared to other teenagers to do well. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid alcohol or partying days before your modeling project. Treat it like an examination which you need to be physically and mentally prepared for. If you can't discipline yourself, you might lose the confidence of clients and your agency will soon find replacements for you.

It is a good time to enter the industry if you have the right looks and mentality for it. Make sure you consider everything we have stated and we wish you luck in achieving your dreams.


Source by Rachel Evan

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