First Baby Dolls: The Safe, Award-Winning Baby Stella by Manhattan Toys


Since young children like to explore the world with their mouth, safety is of the utmost importance when buying a child's first doll. Although there are many dolls on the market, it's hard to find one that is not only safe but cute too. If you're tired of searching for just the right doll, look no more. Baby Stella by Manhattan Toys is safe and cute too. She has no movable parts or small parts a child could choke on. In addition to being safe, she is one the cutest, cuddley baby dolls I have ever seen.

With her wisp of fleece hair, wide-eyed, innocent expression, and magnetic pacifier, she is irresistibly adorable. Unlike other dolls with hard, plastic parts, she has a beanlike material-filled center with her arms, legs, and head made out of durable foam. Consequently, she is cuddley and posable. With skin ever so soft, your child will love to touch her and hold her.

In 2006, she was awarded the Openheim Gold Seal Award, and in 2007, she was awarded a 3-star Canadian toy-testing council award. Baby Stella is available in five different models. There is even a boy doll available. Furthermore, she has many fun, play-related accessories available. Don't buy your a child a doll that will be buried in a toy chest or hidden in a dark closets. Baby Stella is a doll your child will love to love. Whether its for Christmas, a birthday, or a surprise, Baby Stella is perfect for any child.


Source by Jennifer Jacobsen

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