Four Innovative Ideas To Inspire Playability Among Kids


As more and more kids are getting sucked into gadgets, it is no less than a challenge to find creative ideas to encourage outdoor play among them. Playing and having a healthy physical activity is important for your kids’ overall creativity and development.

It is pertinent to expose your kids to the natural sunlight and fresh air to get some respite from the artificial light of their gadgets. There can be different ideas to inspire playability in kids such as building innovative outdoor playground equipment and promoting play. We need playability more than ever to counter the menace of gadgets.

Here are four innovative ideas to encourage playability among the kids:

1. Create a child-friendly space

The foremost action to take would be to create a child-friendly space around your house, in your community, and around the church. Big cities have this problem, but we have to think outside the box. Make the most of every chunk of land available for the children. You can also transform the alleyways into a gaming court. Building a tree house or setting up a tire swing in a small space may gather many children to play.

2. Build playgrounds

Nothing would inspire playability than a safe and fun place for the kids. The playgrounds must be carefully planned to make it an attractive place for the kids. Installing outdoor playground equipment is the best way to go transform the playgrounds for kids these days. They are not only safe, the kids actually love playing different games on them. Some of these playground equipment are meant for team play, so the kids learn to make friends. Community members must seek grants from the government or organizations to build and enhance play spaces.

3. Make it colorful

You can toy with different ideas to make the environment colorful and inviting. You can brightly color the educational pathways from the school to the playgrounds. You can chalk the hopscotch in the school playgrounds. It can be a superb idea to get the kids outside that don’t like mud. Similarly, you can paint quotes, puzzles, maps, and animals. There can be endless possibilities to make the world around your kids a fun place to go. Students can also be encouraged to create walkable murals. Anything that unites play, learning, and culture is a win-win.

4. Encourage nature crafting

Nature crafting is not only fun, it inspires creativity. There is no limit to what you can create if you have a box of tools with a pair of scissors and some natural stuff. Children can make little people like ‘stick man’. Some of the props can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes to. This small investment of time and effort can help the kids inspire more creativity and make them closer to nature. The imaginative play can polish their artistic traits.


Source by Jason Fernandez Walter

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