How Martial Arts Can Increase Focus


The Korean word “chario”, which means “attention” is a command given by a martial arts instructor to bring the class to attention. When the instructor gives the command, you will see a bunch of four to seven year old kids come to attention at the same time. They slap their hands by their side with good straight posture and look the instructor right in the eyes. So how does an instructor get all these kids undivided attention? Do you ever struggle with asking your child to do the same thing over and over again and them not listen? Do you have a hard time getting them to do what you ask the first time you ask?

Here’s a little tip we like to call the 3 Elements of Concentration.

1) The first element we teach is to always look the teacher in the eyes. Just by having your child look at you when you speak to them improves the child’s ability to concentrate and pay attention.

2) Secondly, teach kids to listen with their ears. This is just a reminder to them to listen as best they can.

3) Finally, teach children to have good posture and smile. So here’s how to do this technique.

When you’re about to ask your child to something this is what we suggest. Get down to his or her eye level and try this “___________(name), I am going to ask you to do something okay? (Nod your head yes). First I want to make sure you look me in the eyes (point at your eyes with both hands). Secondly, I want you to put your best listening skills on (Grab both your ears with both hands), and stand nice and tall like a black belt champion (Straighten your posture and smile). BAM! There you go, you now have your child’s undivided attention.


Source by Geno Guevara

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