How to Childproof Your Trampoline


To add more safety to your trampoline you must childproof it. Many accidents occur on this equipment mainly because no safety precautions were taken. These days we have many more options when it comes to adding safety features to the standard recreational trampoline.

First of all, concentrate on buying safety accessories if you do not have them yet. One basic childproofing accessory is the net, also known as a trampoline enclosure. This prevents the kids from falling off in case they trip or bump each other. Another basic childproofing accessory that you kids should not do without are the safety pads. These help guard your kids from injury by concealing the hard frame of the equipment. The thicker the pad, the better. Finally, there are ladders. These are optional but quite essential if you have a large and tall trampoline. Ladders provide easy access for young children and can also prevent kids from being temped to jump off the trampoline or jumping onto the trampoline from the ground.

Extra considerations

Always supervise the jumpers, especially if they are toddlers, very young children or inexperienced users. This type of sports equipment must be in a safe location where there is adequate space and away from hazardous objects from around and above the unit. The surface should ideally contain some cushion, such as carpeting. Perform regular maintenance checks and replace any broken spring. Finally, create some rules that the kids can easily understand and make sure they are being followed when the trampoline is being used.


Source by Rowan Queen

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