Learners' Classes

Dear Parents

Thank you for all you do to support your child/children in their academic development.

BFET Homezone teachers also are working diligently to improve every learner's academic achievements.

We want every child to have the tools necessary to be successful in their future endeavours.

We appreciate you for choosing BFET Homezone School for your child/children.

At BFET our motto is “citadel of learning and leadership”. We are focused on creating a nurturing environment that supports a love for learning.

Our guiding principles are the foundation upon which our Positive School Climate is built. We encourage, support and guide our learners in the principles of Respect, Responsibility, Peace and Problem Solving.

Kindly hover to learners classes menu, locate your child/children class to check for Alpha Term, Easter Term and Omega Term Results.

Thank you for your support all through the term, we urge you to consistently maintain social distancing and wash your hands constantly with soap and running water (BFET Cares).