Pursue the Abilities of the Elite With Unwavering Determination


According to Dr. Carol Dweck author of, Mindset, effort is the key ingredient of all people who have a growth-mindset. Through unwavering determination and an all-out effort successful people are actually having fun when they are working hard. And because they thoroughly enjoy what they are doing, success comes almost as a byproduct of what they naturally want to do, which is to work hard at their dreams. All their hard work eventually gives these future winners comparable abilities of other elite people in their field. Thus, making them eventually one of these elite people. In a nutshell, their hard work and unwavering determination help them achieve whatever they are focusing on.

Teddy Roosevelt was one of these people who pursued the abilities of the elite with an unwavering determination. He was one of our toughest Presidents. The funny thing is that Teddy wasn’t always a rough and tough guy. He was actually a sick weakly boy who most people didn’t expect much out of. He was determined though to prove everyone wrong. Thus, through much effort, he took up hiking, horseback riding, boxing, wrestling and a whole lot of other things with an unwavering determination that would constantly test and prove his resolve. Teddy often said that all Americans should lead a strenuous life because that was the secret to success and happiness. Imagine that… One of our greatest presidents said that we all should lead a strenuous life!

So, basically, it looks like that if we want to become more successful than I guess we all need to just dig a little deeper and ignite the fire in our bellies that has been sitting down there dormant and just waiting for a chance at greatness. With a fire in our bellies and an unwavering determination, who knows how far we can go.

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember to pursue the abilities of the elite with an unwavering determination. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…


Source by Daniel Blanchard

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