The Focused Mind State by Dr Joel and Michelle Levey


What type of mind can be considered the most effective one? The answer would be a mind that embodies discipline and focus. Dr. Joel Michelle Levey understand this and such an understanding is evident in the brilliant work The Focused Mind State. Through understanding what such a mental state is, how it works, how to harness it’s power and put it to use, you will discover that the end result is success in many areas of life you did not think was possible. It is assuredly true that a focused mind is an impactful one. Most people already realize this. What they might not understand is what is needed to actually develop the mind in such a way. Dr. Joel Michelle Levey has now crafted the roadmap which will help you attain the previously elusive roadmap you need to get on the path of self-improvement.

The core of this work is found in the subheading of the title: Maximizing Your Potential Through the Power of Concentration. Concentration equals focus and focus creates the targeted and disciplined mind needed for success in life. Cluttered and distracted minds are rarely ones capable of effective thought. Our lives, however, are constantly filled with distractions both internal and external. Reversing such negative impact can definitely help you attain better use of the mind. Dr. Joel Michelle Levey now opens the door for achieving these results through a well structured and, yes, focused audio book.

There are several components at work within this course. One of the most vital things it teaches is how to live in the moment. Far too often, our minds drift inward and we are either meditating and dwelling on things in the past or looking towards things that will take place in the future. Either way, we are not in the present moment where our concentration needs to be. This undermines our ability to be effective in our current tasks which does yield its own decided problems. The Focused Mind State helps avoid and adjust such problems and roots us firmly in the present where we can think with absolute clarity. Again, this is all attained through effective concentration and mental focus.

As much as we would prefer not to think about it, fear, anxiety, and agitation all play a major role in undermining our concentration. Such problematic internal dialogue can cause all manner of issues which defeat the potential to maintain mental clarity. In The Focused Mind State, tips on how to deal with these damaging inner voices are provided. In addition to gaining better focus, it is possible to improve mental health as a result. The ability to free yourself from such constraints is now possible thanks to this solid audio book production.

The mind definitely can have a lot of power over us but would it not be better if we had great power over our mind? Thanks to The Focused Mind State audio book by Dr. Joel Michelle Levey, harnessing the mind can prove to be much easier to do. All it takes is a lot of practice and a clear guide on how to improve concentration and focus.


Source by Ben Sanderson

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