Top 4 Most Common Dog Parenting Mistakes Revealed


Raising a dog is very similar to raising a child. How you treat, train and what you instill in your pet early on greatly affects how they would turn out later on in life. While there is no exact “right” way to raise a dog, there are some wrong practices that owners make that may contribute or cause a pet’s negative attitude, health problems or even put them in danger.

Here are the 4 most common dog parenting mistakes that you should avoid:

Lack of socialization

The first year of a dog’s life is crucial – it is when he learns the most of everything that you teach him. That is why socializing your dog, especially during the early months, is important. When a dog isn’t comfortable around people or other pets, it will be hard for him to trust and can be difficult and even dangerous. Play with your dog daily, bring him out so that he’ll be familiar with the people in your surroundings and allow him to play with other dogs.

Lack of exercise

Eating without burning the calories off results to weight gain. This does not only apply to us but to our pets as well. According to statistics, obesity in dogs is now up to 52.5 percent due to lack of exercise. Consult your vet how much exercise your dog needs (depending on his age and size) and be sure to reach it through daily walks and keeping him active.

Lack of company

Leaving a dog alone for several hours is not healthy, especially when they are cooped up in a cage. This will lead to them feeling sad and eventually become aggressive – chewing on things, making a mess around the house and the like. If you’re going to be away for more than 7 hours each day, be sure to have someone check your pet or have a sitter to walk your dog and keep him company.

Lack of supervision

Dogs are known to be curious and will eat anything. One common mistake that dog parents make is not being extra careful about what their pet eats. Small, sharp bones, spoiled food and chocolate are among the dangerous food that your pet will usually encounter and put in their mouth. This will lead to choking, poisoning and other problems.

Avoid these mistakes when raising your pup and you and him will have a continuous harmonious relationship.


Source by Mary L. James

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