Total Transformation Program Review Lesson 5 – Understanding Faulty Thinking


After listening to the Total Transformation Lesson 5, I thought those are very common mistakes that parents make even without noticing it. Lesson 5 points out to parents about faulty thinking that refrain them from problem solving. Faulty thinking can either be from parent or child. We need to identify our thinking pattern and remove them, once and for all.

Firstly, Hypodermic Focus from parents. James Lehman, Behavioral Therapist and creator of the program, explains for example, some parents tend to focus on engaging eye contact with a child when they are trying to communicate. They tend to get stuck with the eye contact issue resulting that what they want to talk about gets lost. The parent is lost. The child is lost.

Next, kids tend to have hypodermic focus as well. When they grow a pimple, they think they're ugly. They tend to look at one issue and draw the entire picture out of it. So parents have a role to play here.

Next faulty thinking is Over Generalization. Kids tend to think if they can stay up beyond 9 o'clock once, they can do it every time thereafter. In my opinion, kids tend to jump conclusion when the situation is at their advantage and hope to stick to it perpetually. How ideal!

But being a parent, James explain, you will need to explain to them to avoid the over generalization concept in any situation.

Lastly, Minimization. Minimization here refers to making the harm done from them looks less hurtful than it actually is. Like 'I only took $ 3!', 'I only called her a jerk'. 'I only kicked him once'. The next time when you kid say 'I only kicked him once', tell him 'It sounds to me like kicking him once is OK. What about I kick you once and tell everyone its OK?

Kids simply need to be reminded on the consequences of their behavior. They need to be reminded about the pain in order to learn.

James Lehman's Total Transformation Program is really about how to parent so that children will listen and be respectful. This award winning program had sold over 200,000 copies.

This behavior modification program will help you to parent an oppositional defiant disorder, misbehavior, obnoxious, ADD / ADHD, disrespectful, lying child or even manage an anger and abusive child.

Consist of seven CDs and Jump Start DVD, Parent Workshop DVD, Bonus One Minute Transformation CD and a workbook, you can get this program worth $ 327 for FREE.


Source by Justina Wang

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